Creative School Lab

What is it?

The « Creative School Lab » project aims to establish creativity laboratories within teacher training institutes. The aim of the project is to support the integration of training in creative thinking into the initial training of future teachers who will work in preschool, primary and lower secondary education. This training in creative thinking will be applicable to any subject as well as to cross-curricular education. In order to equip the young adults of tomorrow with the tools needed to become individuals who can continuously invent individual and joint solutions for adapting to change, their teachers need to explicitly prepare them to meet these challenges. This means developing skills and attitudes that combine elements such as creativity, critical thinking, perseverance, questioning, imagination and inventiveness that will help young people to develop into creative adults.

Who is involved?

Two teacher training institutes in Wallonia will be selected on the basis of a call for projects; in collaboration with experts on creative pedagogy, these institutes will then carry out a pilot project in which a creativity lab will be established within the institute in order to test the implementation of training projects on creative thinking given to their students from the beginning of the 2013 academic year.

An awareness-raising programme on creative thinking will also be provided to ensure that all teacher training institutes in Wallonia are included in the process.

In Practice

The two teacher training institutes in Wallonia that are selected through the call for projects will be provided with a ‘Creative School Lab’, a space at the heart of their institution that is suitably equipped to host and test the application of training on creative thinking directly with their students. From the beginning of the 2013 academic year, the two institutes will be offered an ad hoc training programme as well as support from experts throughout the duration of their projects. A specific budget will allow them to equip their Creative Lab (establishment, furniture, equipment, etc.) and will also cover the supplementary costs of personnel dedicated to the implementation of the selected projects.

The awareness-raising programme on creative thinking, open to all teacher training institutes in Wallonia, will be offered from October 2013 to February 2014. The aim of this programme is to familiarise teaching staff in these institutes with the concepts, tools and techniques of creative thinking, and also to their practice through workshops.

An online discussion and exchange group will be made available for all participating institutes throughout the project. Examples of teacher training on creative thinking will also be available to provide inspiration for participants.

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Contact and information

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